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Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle, Volkswagen introducing a new great feature for the future, it's a temporary auto pilot or we can call it as TAP feature. with this TAP, you can drive your car while you read a newspaper. So how does this TAP feature by Volkswagen Works?

TAP is a Semi Automatic driver assistance system that uses technology that's currently available or in production. That means it could actually find its way into real cars real soon.

TAP works by combining other functions like ACC adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist (which helps keep the car within a lane) into an integrated system. Always monitored by the driver, and always leaving her/him the ability to override the system when needed, TAP can drive a car 'semi-automatically' at speeds of up to 130 km/h (81 mph) on a highway. (worldcarfans.com)

When we activate this TAP feature, a computer system that is in the car will safely run the car automatically because the car will be stopped if there is a car in front of us. It seems this Temporary Auto pilot will became a feature in every vehicle on the future. just wait.

TAP can also set the speed and can reach 130 km / h and TAP system can be switched off / switched on quickly and manuals to maintain or avoid undesirable events.

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept

Sega Toylets Amazing Bathroom Gaming Concept, A Bathroom Gaming device was a cool idea, in the future you can play games while you're in a restroom. Sega has developed a new gaming device called Toylets. it's a Bathroom Video Game concept, it is said to have paved way straight into male washrooms. Haha this kind of games was really interesting you didn't need a special controller to play the games on Sega Toylets, You just need to aim it with your pee.

Sega Toylets was Putting together a speed sensor and LCD screen, the company has carved out this new video game concept that takes note of, well, the pee.The included speed sensor is affixed to the urinal for measuring the pace at which ‘it flows.’ And this helps you progress further in the game.

An infrared sensor fitted into the architecture has been plugged to identify that a person is approaching closer to the system. This in turn prepares the screen to start the game. As the person begins his very ‘personal activity,’ microwaves recognize the speed at which urine flows. Simultaneously, the volume and duration of the activity is also computed. What’s more? Gamers can also compete with other guys doing their work side by side. Multiplayer mode also, huh?

Watch the Demo Video of SEGA Toylets Concept

It has been emphasized that the advertising screen embedded into the system can be employed for flashing JPEG images. Sega has announced that it looks forward to installing the game at hangouts such as drinking and eating joints and bars. So don’t be surprised if you find guys at a Bachelor’s Party moving in and out of washrooms like a swarm of bees. Even if the game doesn’t allure them, they might want to check their pictures in there on the system’s display. But well, if you spot someone doing it before November, then it just could be bad stomach.

SEGA ToyLets – Bathroom Video Game concept has been scheduled to come ashore this November. The hardware unit will come with a price tag of 140,000 Japanese Yen (approx. $1,745) whereas buyers will need to shell out 10,000 additional Japanese yen for the software.

Via : http://technabob.com/blog/2011/06/15/sega-toylets-bathroom-video-game/


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